We're back!

Our commitment is to guarantee the highest standards of health safety during the stay of our guests, not neglecting the efficiency and warmth of our collaborators in all our services.

We have the advice of Preverisk Group. Together with them, we have created our operations guide adapting the new protocols that refer to physical security and that have been developed through its partner and component of the expert panel, Peregrine Risk Management. With a recognized pedigree in safety and tourism, they are fully committed to the alliance initiative and have provided us with knowledge, experience and guidance on best practices in preparing for potentially demanding circumstances.

These implemented protocols are based on Public Health recommendations and local and global requirements and are focused on being easy to execute. Proven information from various sources has been taken into account, including: WHO, PHE, CDC, ABTA. Our collaborators have been trained and trained with the principles of this new normal and are constantly supervised and audited to ensure compliance with these regulations. Likewise, they are provided with the relevant materials and equipment to perform their tasks satisfactorily.

What to expect in your future stay?

Guests who check into the hotel over the next several months will notice a number of additions to the company’s regimen designed to set an even higher standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Specific areas of focus are as follows: